Fresh Roasted + Organic Beans Elevates Your Coffee

Whole means all of something or as we would say "all in” which is exactly what we are about when it comes to coffee & freshness. Our beans are all 100% Certified Organic and fluid bed roasted in small batches. When you place an order- we roast it fresh, just for you.

Unlike traditional roasted coffee on the store shelves that's been sitting stale for months. Our beans are fluid bed roasted, which uses convection to maximize the flavors & our roast to order business ensures your coffee is sent fresh. Delivering you an elevated coffee experience with delicious Organic beans & the freshest flavors.

  • Fresh Roasted Coffee

  • 100% Certified Organic Beans

  • Fluid Bed Roasted

  • Small Family Business

  • Roasted in Small Batches

  • Premium Flavor

  • Swiss Water Processed Decaf

  • Elevated Experience

  • Roasted to Order

Our Family

Welcome to Whole Bean Coffee Co.

We’re thrilled you’ve found us here! We are Torrey & Beth and along with our family we are excited to share our Fresh Roasted & Organic Coffee with all of you. Coffee is a large part of our heritage, all of our gatherings include coffee & we love it. The best conversations & dreaming occur over a cup of coffee. Coffee can be enjoyed in our own solitude or with others- you just can’t mess it up!
Why did we choose this journey?
We would say that this journey chose us. We are parents to 10 children. For years we’ve gotten curious about health and healing for not only our own well-being but for our children. Because we enjoy coffee but value our health, Fresh Roasted & Organic beans spoke to us & we're hooked- they are so delicious! We are Colorado transplants & love it here, the sunshine & outdoor activities can’t be beat! Torrey has always been interested in how things work & explores many subjects. So when coffee roasting was presented to him, he jumped in with both feet & started learning. We’ve loved all the testing, tasting & knowledge we’ve gained. But most of all we’ve LOVED drinking Organic, freshly roasted coffee &  are so excited for all of you to experience it too.